Synergise IT offers a quality of service that is second to none.

Our service is what we pride ourselves on and what sets us apart from our competition.

We have provided services and solutions to a wide and varied customer base since 1990. With a personalised customer focus coupled with a proven and efficient delivery methodology, this ensures that your systems will meet your expectations each and every time.

Well Informed Professional Consultancy and Support

This is key to all of our services, and is first and foremost in the delivery of everything we do. With these values at the forefront of our operations, we guarantee customer satisfaction. Customer feedback and testimonials demonstrates confidence in our abilities.

Guaranteed Response

We offer a range of guaranteed response times to suit your individual requirements, from 24x7x2hr to 8x5xNBD, however the keynote is the consistency of our response.

Our Approach

Synergise IT utilises the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) to carry out projects.

MSF is a disciplined approach to technology projects, based upon experiences and best practices from inside and outside of Microsoft. This framework ensures the successful delivery of an information technology solution to the customer by working fast, decreasing the number of people on the project team, averting risk, while enabling high quality results.

MSF supports multiple process approaches, so it can be adapted to support any project, regardless of size or complexity. This flexibility means that it can support a wide degree of variation in the implementation while retaining a set of core principles and mindsets.

The following stages are included as part of the engagement methodology.

Envision – think about what needs to be accomplished and identify constraints
Plan – plan and design a solution to meet the needs and expectations within those constraints
Develop / Build – build the solution
Stabilize – validate that the solution meets the needs and expectations
Deploy – deploy the solution

To learn more, please call us on 1300 114 224 or make an online enquiry.

We strive for excellence and deliver a personalised service through the entire process to ensure our clients are completely satisfied, every time.