With global competition and customers covering many countries and time zones, businesses require high availability for their IT services to remain competitive. It is not just that the server hardware is active, it is that business to business transactions can complete successfully and with good performance. This requires that network, server, application, and data layers are not only available, but operating efficiently.

Server consolidation and virtualization brings its own challenges to this area. Many businesses want to minimize the infrastructure, as well as its management and drive down costs. However, when fewer systems and solutions are deployed, it becomes more important than ever for those systems and solutions to be highly available. The service eggs are going into fewer baskets—each basket must be exceptionally robust.

Synergise IT can help. We offer solutions built from the ground up but view the workflow from the top down. This design strategy provides premier reliability, availability, and serviceability to the end to end business process. Couple these paramount requirements with virtualization capabilities, robust software and automated management tools and you’ve got a solution designed to work and keep working.

All this ensures that users and clients alike, inside or outside your organization can continue to access services across your IT infrastructure – without interruption

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