Why Growing Businesses Need IT Support Services


Why Growing Businesses Need IT Support Services

In today’s digital age, businesses need technology and simply cannot function without it, no matter how big or small the organisation is. Technology, above all else, should be the first investment a business makes – it will be a significant one, as it plays an essential role in ensuring that every aspect of your business runs efficiently. This is where IT Support Services really matter, and having a solid team to rely on is key. So why do businesses need IT support services?

Think about it. If technology fails and your systems go down, the effects on your business can be catastrophic – from the day-to-day running of your business to the knock-on effect on your internal operations. Take the Covid-19 pandemic for example. With people unable to go into the office and having to work remotely, many businesses were prepared for this, ensuring that their technology systems were up to date to be able to support a transition of this magnitude, which made it easier. However, for those who weren’t prepared and had poor IT systems in place, this made remote working near impossible and in some cases, saw companies go out of business.

Without an efficient IT support services team at the core of your business, you run a risk that could potentially bring your business to its knees, which is why prevention and compliance is so crucial when it comes to managing system issues, as and when they arise.

Data Management and Security

A great example of why IT support services are so important in a business, is data. Businesses carry important data such as confidential employee salary information, HR details and records. And data needs to be protected at all costs. Having an efficient backup system for all important files and software helps boost a business’ security, while hiring a knowledgeable IT team to manage and secure valuable data, goes hand-in-hand with the creation of an effective data management strategy.

Protection from Cyber Crime

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) received approximately 76,000 cybercrime reports in the financial year of 2022. This number has increased in comparison to previous years, with approximately 67,000 cybercrime reports filed in the financial year 2021. From these stats, it is evident that organised crime by means of cyber-attacks is growing exponentially, not just in Australia, but globally, making it all the more important to ensure that your IT systems and IT support services team are equipped to manage and prevent.

Improved Customer Service

Having a dedicated IT support services team in place, you can rest assured that customers are being assisted via multiple communication channels such as email, telephone, social media, SMS and even live chat. This way, customers are able to reach your business easily – it’s convenient.

Managing the Day-to-Day

We all know that the IT support department in any business is usually the busiest, and even with a skilled IT support services team in place, things can still go wrong. Most connectivity issues can be resolved quickly over the phone – many issues are preventable with dedicated monitoring and an effective data management strategy.

Managing the day-to-day issues and when they arise is key, and having a knowledgeable team in place can make this process a lot easier and far more efficient when it comes to resolving quickly.

Comprehensive Monitoring

IT support services are also important when it comes to the comprehensive monitoring of a business’s core operations such as quality control or for companies that offer online services, where client information and data need to be protected.

Tips to Choosing the Right IT Service Support Team

When it comes to choosing the right IT service support team for your business, it’s important to do your research. Responsiveness, cost, knowledge and flexibility are the four key, non-negotiable pillars.

Without an efficient and effective IT service support team in your corner, your business will simply not function as effectively as it should. At Synergise IT, we are a leading business IT solutions provider in Sydney, that offers managed IT services to small and medium businesses.

With over 30 years of experience providing managed IT services, our IT team has expertise across all IT support services providing IT solutions for small businesses and support, IT management and planning. Think of us as your personal IT department.

We are driven by results and customer satisfaction. Businesses don’t survive if they don’t have true depth of knowledge and experience – this is why three decades on, we are still exceeding the satisfaction and expectations of our customers. Contact us today and find out how we can help you with your small business IT support services.