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Our commitment is to provide you exceptional service backed by a range of guaranteed response times and flexible programs to suit your individual requirements. From 24×7 to regular business hours, the keynote is the consistency of our response.

Managed IT Services

At its core, managed services are a network and applications management system which is accompanied by proactive preventative maintenance, proven to provide your network with stability and prevent problems before they occur.

As there is quite a large fundamental dependency on technology in today’s businesses, there had been a need for the development of alternative actions to the maintenance and servicing of technology. Experiencing unexpected or prolonged downtime for businesses and their customers is no longer acceptable.

Managed Services Programs (MSPs) have been developed as a result of the understanding that IT has shifted from a support function to a strategic function of any business. These programs have the capacity to outline and provide critical information on business management, capacity optimisation and forecasting your IT network.

MSPs are replacing the cost of utilising in-house IT support as outsourced IT solutions provide complete maintenance and optimisation across the spectrum including necessary software upgrades and renewals. Utilising an outsourced provider reduces the uncalculated costs of decreased business productivity ranging from a minimum of 20% to 100% plus of your IT spend.

The goal of utilising an MSP is to support businesses in proactively managing all IT related costs and enhance direct productivity of its own core functions. Your system is always at its optimum through a fixed monthly cost.

Managed IT Solutions Sydney

Managed Services Programs


An entry level program designed to reduce the impact on productivity from IT system failures by reducing the amount of time from failure to recovery. Receive 24/7 monitoring and upon failure we will remotely access the failure service to begin remediation.


A mid-level program designed to support mission critical IT systems and end users and delivers value through operational reliability and preventing issues. This approach to IT management increases operational efficiency by focusing on incident avoidance.


Our premier program designed to provide your business with a guaranteed end-to-end quality of IT service at a predictable and guaranteed monthly cost. Maximise value and minimise risk by evaluating the full spectrum of technology within your business. Our fully managed program encompasses our Proactive Program as well as all of your support requirements at a fixed monthly price.


To complement any of our Managed Services Programs you are able to purchase a bundle of hours in advance for any projects completed outside the scope of your MSP. Job accountability and works performed are presented monthly in a simple Executive Summary at a bulk hourly or daily rate.

Pay as you go

Small Australian Businesses that are budget conscience might like to do business the traditional way and pay as you go. Although we’re modern with our approach to IT, we are traditional with our values and can provide services on traditional time and materials basis.

Service Level Agreements

With customer service at the forefront of our operations, the Synergise IT team operates efficiently and effectively in order to increase customer satisfaction.

We offer a range of guaranteed response times to suit your individual requirements, from 24x7x2hr to 8x5xNBD, however, the keynote is the consistency of our response.