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Why DataBank?

Ever experienced disruption or additional costs that directly impact business, data loss or corruption? If so, then you’ll know how crucial it is to protect your business information by backing up and securing regularly. This process may already be in place but where are you storing your backup media?

It is well documented that your data backup strategy is only as good as your media storage. Storing your media ensures data that has been backed up is protected from the many security and environmental threats such as heat, humidity, electromagnetic interference, theft, slow recover times when restoring and fluctuation in temperature.

As your most valuable asset, we recommend the adoption of our backup media storage solution that you can trust. We have built a strong partnership with DataBank; the leading media storage supplier in Australia. Not only providing you with a state-of-the-art storage facility, but dispatch a trained professional in an air conditioned, secure vehicle to collect your backup media and rotate accordingly.

With Synergise IT, rest assured knowing your backup media can be retrieved 24/7 when the need to restore data is required. Your media can be delivered to you within a 90-minute timeframe to have you up and running should the unexpected occur. We oversee this entire process at no additional cost, ensuring peace of mind.

Domain Names

A domain name is your online business address, uniquely identifying your website on the Internet. It’s your online brand and is used to promote your business, therefore it’s critical to protect it by registering multiple extensions and keeping your domain contact information private.

Through our Hosted and Managed DNS Service, we utilise the Directory Services Platform by preserving client DNS information and ensuring it is kept up-to-date and made available worldwide.

Why host with Synergise IT?

At Synergise IT, we only partner with the most reputable and reliable internet service providers in Australia; Corporate Service Company & Telstra DNS. Additional benefits include:

  • Domain Name Registration Renewal Guarantee – your domain never expires
  • Domain Name Delegation
  • Domain Name Transferral and Delegation
  • Domain Name Hosting
  • Home Name Management and Zone Updates (unlimited)
  • Domain Name Security – general public cannot access or retrieve your domain security key
  • Our completely outsourced hosted solution brings increased security, reliability and ease of access for all Domain Name provisioning and hosting services to your business.

Microsoft Solutions

As an experienced and recognised Microsoft solutions provider, we are driven to harnessing and delivering advances in cloud computing and implementing solutions that allow your business, employees and stakeholders to interact with technology. Our friendly and experienced consultants are ready to take your business to new heights

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a comprehensive set of cloud services utilised for building, deploying and managing applications through an on-demand data centre. Always evolving and improving, every iteration offers an opportunity for your business to move faster, reach new heights and save on cost. With the ability to tap into over 600 Azure services, Synergise IT can achieve your requirements.

Azure services for Australian businesses:

Servers and Virtual Machines: Azure virtual machines enable an SMB client to expand the data centre to Azure. VMs can be used in a variety of ways, from production to test/dev. There are several advantages to using Azure VMs over on premise virtual machines.

Backup: Azure backup provides an easy and automatic backup for servers, desktops and laptops, and Azure virtual machines.

Disaster Recovery: Azure Site Recovery enables us to make a replica of our on premise VMs in Azure.

Remote App: Using Remote App in Azure, we can publish your line of business applications using the secure and familiar Remote App interface and keep data secure in Azure or on premise.

Enterprise Mobility Suite: Combines three standalone Azure products – Azure Active Directory Premium, Intune, and Azure Rights Management. Combining these 3 services facilitates you to control and manage devices, users, and data.

With a long standing local Australian presence and ease of integration with existing on-premise Microsoft technologies and products, Azure is the go-to public cloud choice for Australian businesses. Let us take you there!

Microsoft Office 365

Online services such as Office 365, G Suite, OneDrive, Box and Salesforce, bring the power to the cloud. However, they are also accompanied by unwanted elements of risk in the shape of limited backup and archiving processes necessary to restore data once manually or automatically removed from your recycle bin. Cloud Ally’s backup and recovery solution ensures that you can backup and recover data from any point in time to unlimited Amazon S3 storage.

Why choose Cloud Ally Office 365 Backup over the rest?

The primary issue with online services, such as those mentioned above, is that their restorability is limited by their data retention. Most cloud services rely on the recycle bin to recover from, the issue here is that once that is purged (manually or automatically) your data is lost.

We offer a simple, reliable, seamless and affordable backup solution for your online Cloud Services. Our qualified and experienced team are on-hand to consult and implement Cloud Ally Office 365 to ensure your data and information can be recovered, restored and kept secure.

Microsoft Windows Server

No matter where you are looking to take your business, Microsoft Windows Server can take you there through the latest innovation behind the world’s largest cloud datacentre to yours.

  • This cloud-ready operating system supports your current workloads while introducing new technologies that make it easy to transition to cloud computing at your convenience
  • Organise and centralise data and information for complete accessibility
  • Share hardware such as printers and faxes
  • Back-up crucial data and restore files
  • Work remotely with ease and secure access to desktops, files, email and calendars from an internet connected OC or mobile device
  • Easy file sharing across PC’s and mobile devices with a company intranet
  • Run accounting or other business software on more than one PC (SBS 2008 Premium Edition)
  • Easily set up new users, computers and network access as staffing levels fluctuate

Microsoft Hyper-V

Migrate to the cloud both seamlessly and efficiently with hypervisor technology that runs Azure, the world’s largest datacentre. Hyper-V is Microsoft’s Server Virtualisation platform that has been included free of charge since Microsoft Windows Server 2008. It introduces hypervisor technology on which multiple virtual machines (servers) can run, with the hypervisor layer controlling and sharing the hardware and allocating resources to each Virtual Machine.

Cost Savings: achieve more with less financial commitment. Through savings on server hardware, storage, licensing and energy requirements it costs less to build and maintain a virtualised server environment with Microsoft Hyper-V.
Consolidation: It is common practice to dedicate each server to a single application, or split applications across multiple servers if they do not work together such as Microsoft SQL and Microsoft Exchange. If several applications only use a small amount of processing power, the network administrator can consolidate several machines into one server running multiple virtual environments.
Redundancy & Fault Tolerance: Enable Redundancy, Fault Tolerance and/or High Availability through Server virtualization and Microsoft Hyper-V. It provides a mechanism for companies to implement redundancy without the high cost of purchasing additional hardware. Keep your workforce productive, maximise operational time and minimise both service interruption and downtime.


With Microsoft’s email, calendaring, contact, scheduling and collaboration platform, you can work smarter from anywhere. Deployed on the Windows Server operating system for use within businesses that provides users access to the messaging platform on smartphones, tablets, desktops and web-based systems. Microsoft also offer Exchange Online as a Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) and is available as a stand-alone service or part of Office 365 Suite.

Customisation: Let’s you customise your solution based on your requirements, keeping you in complete control and ensuring total communication.

Flexibility: Move to the cloud, deploy on-premises, or manage a hybrid deployment with mailboxes both online and on-premises.

Achieve more: Exchange increases productivity by helping you manage increasing communication volumes across multiple devices and work together more effectively as a team. Achieve more with an inbox that focuses on the relevant and important messages and sets up rules that match how you work.

Security & Compliance: Protect business communications and keep your sensitive information secured. Data loss prevention identifies, monitors and protects sensitive data through deep content analysis. Policy Tips within Outlook inform users about policy violations before sensitive data is sent.


A web-based, collaborative platform that allows businesses to create and deploy websites and intranets. This platform is extremely configurable, flexible and almost every iteration will take on a newly defined role.

Utilise SharePoint as a secure platform to store, organise, share and access information from any device while providing a foundation for future innovation.

Modern user experiences: Your ability to access information on the go is now a workplace necessity. SharePoint makes file storage collaboration more people-centric, with touch-based experiences across devices and improved mobile access to content, people and applications.

Content and document management: SharePoint allows for the storage, retrieval, searching, archiving, tracking, management and reporting of electronic documents and records. It’s integration with Microsoft Windows and Office, allows for collaborative real-time editing and encrypted/information rights managed synchronisation.

Intranet and social network: A SharePoint intranet is a way to centralise access to enterprise information and applications. It is a tool that helps organisations manage internal communications, applications and information more easily.

Collaborative software: SharePoint contains team collaboration capabilities such as project scheduling (integrated with Outlook and Project), social collaboration, shared mailboxes and project related document storage and collaboration.

QNAP Network Attached Storage

Whether you are in the growth phase of your business or start-up, it is imperative that you have a rock-solid IT infrastructure in order to have the necessary tools, hardware and potential to increase business growth. As IT encompasses a vast majority of elements, storage is the lifeblood to ensure your business moves forward.

At Synergise IT we are well experienced and versed with QNAP and their extensive range of storage solutions. QNAP (Quality Network Appliance Provider) deliver comprehensive offerings of cutting edge network attached storage (NAS) solutions. From ease-of-use and robust operation to large storage capacity, QNAP solutions are both trustworthy and reliable when integrating technologies and designs to bring forth quality products that improve efficiency on file sharing, virtualisaton, applications and storage management in the business environment.

Our experience working with QNAP products allows us to customise storage solutions that meet your requirements and exceed expectations, ensuring your business takes to new heights.

VMware vSphere

The digital economy is going full throttle and many businesses are using software to invent new products, services and business models. VMware VSphere is at the heart of this digital transformation and provides the next generation of infrastructure for the next generation of applications, giving you enhanced application performance and availability, intelligent operations management and automation taking virtualisation to the next level.

VMware vSphere is a hypervisor and management suite in which the solution comprises of ESXi (The Hypervisor) and vCenter Server (Management).

At Synergise IT, our aim is to ensure you make the most of your investment for your businesses future. With extensive experience and technical knowledge, we deliver the ideal foundation for your business cloud environment through the seamless and efficient implementation of VMware vSphere.

HPE ProLiant Servers & Storage

It’s time to power your business with industry-leading IT server and storage solutions.

No two servers are alike, every businesses needs are different and many custom options exist to suit these requirements. You may be considering a 10GbE upgrade, fibre vs. copper, whether to run RAID5 or RAID10 disk sub-systems. Is there a benefit in running 15K disks over 10K? Do I require full lights-out / out-of-band management? There are many complex questions and options that exist for server technologies and we have the answers and experience to spec, build, test, deploy and manage your first server, or adding to expanding data centre of compute resources.

Synergise IT have been using and recommending HPE’s range of servers and storage for Australian businesses for approximately 2 decades. HPE continue to produce quality machines for business with regular product updates utilising the latest technologies available, at a competitive and cost-effective price point, backed by a strong warranty and support division.

Synergise IT Services are well versed with the HPE series, models and the various complex options available and can custom build a specification to your exact requirements or adding to expanding the data centre of compute resources.

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We provide customised and affordable pricing, and a transparent approach to suit your IT solution requirements. Meaning, there are no surprises!


We are Australian owned and operated and provide local IT support and IT solutions.


Our dedicated IT team works like your internal team. With regular updates, on-time delivery, and 100% quality assurance, we ensure a hassle-free IT support service experience for our clients.


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