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Cyber Security Services

Even the smallest cyber security incident can have a devastating impact on your business.

We have a deep understanding of cyber security and the technologies and processes that are required to increase your resilience and cyber security posture.

Don’t think it can’t happen to your business

The frequency and severity of cyber attacks are increasing exponentially. Small and medium-sized businesses are just as exposed, if not more so.

When you experience a cyber attack it’s too late, because you do not have the tools to defend yourself. This reactive remediation is expensive and time consuming, often resulting in lasting damage to your reputation and bottom line.

Synergise IT has been at the frontline of defence, assessing and protecting, mitigating and remediating cyber threats and cyber attacks for businesses since 1992.


Consequences of a Cyber Attack

Worried Businessman Got Virus and Data Loss on Laptop Computer
  • Data Loss – you stand to lose everything! We’re not being dramatic; this is a very real possibility.
  • Reputation – damage to your business reputation and brand.
  • Time – you will have staff sitting idle and be unable to service your customers.
  • Financial Loss – major cost of sales and productivity, plus the cost of recovery.
  • Complete loss of business; shut the doors! – in the event data is lost and not able to be retrieved eg: IP, financials, sales pipelines, debtors and receivers, and there are no backups, the likelihood of sustaining and recovering from such an event is unlikely.
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Implementing proactive cyber security defence mechanisms are more cost effective in terms of time, money and effort than recovering from an attack.

David Seward – Technical Director

Take Control

Threat Assessment

Synergise IT can conduct an in-depth Cyber Security Assessment to identify your organisations security posture and implement a Cyber Security Framework Policy to detect and prevent cyber security attacks. 

Our custom and unique processes will focus at a minimum on the key areas that will typically expose your business to a cyber security attack or data breach. Or we can take a much broader approach and look at all areas of your computing stack across your data centres, hybrid, and/or Multi Cloud platforms. 

The Report of Assessment will empower us to collectively focus and prioritise your areas of greatest risk, ensuring efforts are focused on the areas that will deliver the most gains to your business.

Threat Minimisation

Mitigation and threat minimisation is about implementing the right tools in the right place in order to minimise your risk of experiencing the distress of a cyber attack.

Today’s web environment rewards blended attacks against financial targets. Only coordinated defenses that work across multiple protocols and applications have any chance of stopping them.


Attack Remediation

In the worst-case scenario, you have suffered a cyber attack, a cyber breach or a ransomware attack, your data is encrypted, and the cyber-criminals are requesting payment, or you’ll never see your data again. This is one of the biggest and most serious challenges your business is ever likely to face.

We have a tried, tested, and documented process to identify and contain the breach, as well as assess, disinfect, and recover your data and systems in order to get your systems back up and running.

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