Cloud Phone Solutions

Cloud Phone Solutions

Looking for a telephone solution that ticks all the boxes and saves you money? Synergise IT offer a range of communication solutions for businesses, bringing cost -efficiency, flexibility, resilience, scalability and transparency to your business communications systems

What’s Cloud Telephony?

Cloud telephony is a telephone system that is managed and hosted by a third-party . This calling system replaces the need for conventional telephone systems with a more flexible and cost-effective solution that is hosted in the Cloud and accessed by either software on your PC or a traditional desktop handset.


How can Cloud Telephony benefit your business?

Call services such as Cloud telephony enables your employees to place calls directly from their computer, mobile or traditional desktop handset that has an internet connection. This frees your businesses from the expense and storing of hardware and allows your staff to make and receive calls from anywhere with increased functionality.

The emergence of remote workforces means unified communications solutions are now more critical than ever, enabling seamless collaboration between geographically separate teams, to maintain effective communication that would be challenging with traditional PBX systems. This is where cloud telephony solutions take over from traditional phone systems. Some benefits of Cloud phone systems:

Cost Savings

Save on phone bills, setup, and maintenance costs.


Easily scales to your needs, when & how you need it.

Simple and fast

Set-up is simple and fast. Upgrades are automatic.


A centralised communication network for all your employees: office workers, home-based employees and travelling staff.


Access across multiple devices; desktop handset, mobile, computer and tablet.

Cloud Infrastructure

Services are delivered through cloud infrastructure, managed and maintained by a service provider.

How Synergise IT can help

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As a cloud infrastructure and communications services provider, Synergise IT already naturally operates in the key areas businesses find themselves needing expertise. We are a passionate group of experts who believe in supporting businesses through their journey and adoption of Cloud Telephony. We offer businesses:

  • Access to experts and advice on latest technology
  • Round-the-clock support
  • Flexibility & Scalability
  • Zero training costs

With 3 decades of experience providing IT solutions, Synergise IT has expertise across all IT support services providing IT solutions and support, IT management and planning across Australia.

Synergise IT offer Cloud Telephony that is scalable from small businesses to larger organisations using both Microsoft Teams and Access4.

David Seward – Technical Director

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft delivers highly integrated phone solutions without the need for expensive equipment or setup, unifying your systems and providing seamless collaboration.

Microsoft Teams is quickly emerging as the new central hub for work for many businesses. Offering a convenient place to work with colleagues on shared projects, Teams promotes productivity in the digital world. Using Cloud Telephony technology, it is even possible for companies to transform Teams into the heart of their communication stack. By using Microsoft Teams, you are capitalising on your staff’s exposure to and understanding of Microsoft Teams

With Microsoft Teams Phone System, you can move your entire Cloud Telephony strategy into Teams. This opens the door to the highly coveted single-pane-of-glass environment companies crave for their modern teams. As hybrid work becomes more prominent, and staff grow more distributed, having a central post where all team members can come together is crucial.

Access4 Solutions

Synergise IT offers the Access4 Cloud Phone System for unified business communication. A seamless collaboration synchronised across every device. Extend the power of cloud voice solutions and improve customer experience with call recording (with PCI compliance), call routing, call queuing, IVR, CRM integration, custom-music on hold, call analytics and much more. Access4 allows you to scale your business with ease – no longer restricted by sophisticated hardware or technical costs.

Access4 can provide a complete range of solutions to meet changing business needs

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The Benefits:

  • Always have access to the latest in applications, features, and integrations without having to change providers
  • Eliminate investment in hardware and technical costs
  • Improved customer experience
  • Synchronises across all devices
  • Maximises efficiencies, giving you the power to create, change and remove services

Experience and trusted partnerships

Synergise IT is ideally placed to help businesses integrate cloud-based communications solutions into their existing structures. Being a premium provider, we have developed partnerships with the most trusted technology providers.


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