Hospitality is an industry that requires systems to run around-the-clock. Downtime can cost businesses critical revenue and a targeted support regime is needed to maximise up-time. Synergise IT has been servicing hospitality clients 24/7 since 1992.

Hospitality clients include individual hotels/accommodation, popular restaurants and eateries, wineries, as well as apartment developers and chains of multiple locations.

Our relationships with these clients have helped us gain significant knowledge with various IT Systems that have in-turn helped our Hospitality clients achieve peak productivity. These systems include:

  • Accesso Siriusware
  • BePoz
  • Circle Scan
  • EzyWine
  • Gaming/pokies software – Aristocrat, eBet, Global Gaming, Max Gaming, and more!
  • Generate Group
  • Idealpos
  • Magic
  • PC Eftpos
  • Revel Systems
  • ThinPoint
  • Time Target

Why Outsource Your IT?

An outsourced IT department offers businesses with the ability to have the best possible IT outcomes. That means that a number of different skill-bases are able to work collaboratively on a businesses IT infrastructure, which would normally be hard to achieve by having less members of a team. Companies of all sizes are choosing to outsource their IT services to ensure that they have best-of-breed solutions, minimisation of down-time, and the leveraging of technology to maximise a business’ potential.

Access to Experts and the Latest Technology

As IT is our core competency, we ensure our employees are trained and certified in the technologies they support. You automatically gain access to the latest technology and support from a team that is expert in deploying it effectively.

Round-the-Clock Support

Synergise IT are always on hand to deliver your business' IT requirements. Outsourcing provides a continuity of service to your business. At the best and worst of times, Synergise IT is here to help.

Reduced Risk and Increased Flexibility

Technology can be quite expensive, thus making wrong decisions is costly. Synergise IT has a solid base of experience that is at the forefront of making the appropriate technical decisions. If change is required, we have the tools and services to help you transition to your new platform.

Completely Scalable

Your IT resources are completely scalable to suit your needs. We deliver services that you require and when they are required without any staff overheads.

Zero Training Costs

Rest assured knowing there are no additional costs required to train employees who may or may not remain with your business.

Why Choose Us?


We provide customised and affordable pricing, and a transparent approach to suit your IT solution requirements. Meaning, there are no surprises!


We are Australian owned and operated and provide local IT support and IT solutions.


Our dedicated IT team works like your internal team. With regular updates, on-time delivery, and 100% quality assurance, we ensure a hassle-free IT support service experience for our clients.


Highly skilled, qualified, and certified IT professionals delivering outstanding customer service and IT solutions.