Online services such as Office 365, G Suite, OneDrive, Box and Salesforce, bring the power to the cloud. However, they are also accompanied by unwanted elements of risk in the shape of limited backup and archiving processes necessary to restore data once manually or automatically removed from your recycle bin. Cloud Ally’s backup and recovery solution ensures that you can backup and recover data from any point in time to unlimited Amazon S3 storage.

Why choose Cloud Ally Office 365 Backup over the rest?

The primary issue with online services, such as those mentioned above, is that their restorability is limited by their data retention. Most cloud services rely on the recycle bin to recover from, the issue here is that once that is purged (manually or automatically) your data is lost.

We offer a simple, reliable, seamless and affordable backup solution for your online Cloud Services. Our qualified and experienced team are on-hand to consult and implement Cloud Ally Office 365 to ensure your data and information can be recovered, restored and kept secure.