It’s time to power your business with industry-leading IT server and storage solutions.

No two servers are alike, every businesses needs are different and many custom options exist to suit these requirements. You may be considering a 10GbE upgrade, fibre vs. copper, whether to run RAID5 or RAID10 disk sub-systems. Is there a benefit in running 15K disks over 10K? Do I require full lights-out / out-of-band management? There are many complex questions and options that exist for server technologies and we have the answers and experience to spec, build, test, deploy and manage your first server, or adding to expanding data centre of compute resources.

Synergise IT have been using and recommending HPE’s range of servers and storage for Australian businesses for approximately 2 decades. HPE continue to produce quality machines for business with regular product updates utilising the latest technologies available, at a competitive and cost-effective price point, backed by a strong warranty and support division.

Synergise IT Services are well versed with the HPE series, models and the various complex options available and can custom build a specification to your exact requirements or adding to expanding the data centre of compute resources.