Your Business Needs Cyber Security

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Your Business Needs Cyber Security

As more Australian businesses move to the World Wide Web and cloud-based services for more efficient operations, the number of cyber security breaches is also increasing. With the support of their IT managed services provider, businesses must implement robust security protocols to minimise their cyber security risks.

There are a variety of threats your business may face. Your IT and cyber security support service companies will help you identify and protect your business from these menaces. Let’s discuss some of the threats you could encounter.


Malicious software programs often find their way to computers when people access phishing emails or accidentally download them from unsecured websites. Cyber security companies warn that such software can continuously spam your inbox, steal passwords and other personal data, or compromise your device’s performance. With proper IT support, you can deploy anti-malware programs or cloud-managed services for your business’ security.

SQL Injection

If you use SQL databases to track inventory and orders, and your data is poorly protected, hackers can easily send malicious code that infiltrates these databases and manipulate online transactions. Cyber security services will support you to keep database software updated and encrypted.


Hackers can plant dangerous tools on a network, like rootkits, which gives them access to all of your systems. Once inside, they can steal data and passwords and can even sneak into legitimate applications.

Distributed Service Denial

Cybercriminals can flood your network with data packets, incoming messages, and connection requests. These actions can clog and slow your network to the point of near shutdown. Your IT support services can clear all malicious code and scrutinise networks to prevent such an attack.

MITM Attack

Man-in-the-middle attacks see a cybercriminal position themselves between two parties, listening to private conversations and collecting sensitive information. MITM attack is a growing risk as people increasingly work from home. Cyber security companies recommend using strong passwords for Wi-Fi as a simple precautionary measure.

Insider Threats

If you have employees who click on phishing email links or unwittingly share confidential information, then you are at risk of an insider threat. Your IT managed services provider can mitigate this problem by providing regular training on network security and migrating your business to cloud-managed services.

Get in touch with professional IT support services or cyber security companies to better manage cyber risks and keep your network running efficiently.

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