Having an email signature mimics the process of handing a client, customer or colleague a business card. Email signatures are a valuable tool for all digital communications and give credibility through legitimacy, professionalism, branding, brand recognition and personal association.

Looking to design, manage and distribute corporate email signatures?

Exclaimer Signature Manager is a multi-award-wining email signature software solution that gives you effortless control of corporate email signatures for your users. This platform can be integrated with Exchange-On-Premise or Office 365 Cloud to both manage and distribute email signatures for Outlook and OWA, solidifying your business branding.

Key features:

  • Create attractive email signature templates with HTML images and text
  • Include dynamic content such as social media icons, promotional banners, award logos etc.
  • Capture data on clicks within and feed to analytics or marketing automation software
  • Management through a central console to ensure professionalism of your brand
  • Ensure all messages have the appropriate email disclaimer for legal compliance
  • Consistent signatures with merged field data pulled from Active Directory/Office 365